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Sun and sweat, that's what summer is all about. Trips to the beach, time spent outdoors with friends and family, memories made, and tans acquired. Wait . . . Did I say the beach!?! But that means, it's swimsuit season! Quick off to the gym to banish those love handles! This month in Welcome Home magazine discover the joys of physical fitness. Crossfit, Yoga, and Running, oh my! Just what is this crazy thing they call Crossfit? And yoga just for women, or is it? Get a new lease on running because as our pages will tell you it really is never too late in life to start. And all the cash that you have been spending on the perfect workout clothes is wasted if you don't take care of them properly. But don't worry, we have the 411 on keeping your fitness threads squeaky clean and stink free. Last but not least, the reason you really don't have an excuse not to exercise. So what are you waiting for? Those saddlebags won't unpack themselves you know. Have a joyously fit June, and as always, Welcome Home!

In the June issue

Running Late. Over 50? So What! It's never too late to start. Read More.

Excuse Busters. Oh, really? That's your excuse for not exercising! Read More.

Have an unforgettable June, and as always, Welcome Home!


Karen Lewis

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