The November issue of Welcome Home Magazine is now available!

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The November issue of Welcome Home Magazine is now available. Click here to read.
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Ghosts and goblins and witches, Oh my! A definite chill is in the air and the sound of children's laughter takes us back to our own days of trick or treat fun. So break out that perfect costume you have stashed away and come bob for apples! This issue of Welcome Home magazine is filled with spirited fun and many ways to make the most of the trick or treat mentality. Ever wonder what they do in other parts of the world on halloween? And how in the world did this holiday and all it's crazy traditions get started? Have a fantastic costume idea but not a small fortune to finance it with? All these answers and more await you in our pages. Come take a peek. . . We don't bite, we promise!

In the November issue

How To Deal With Frost. Save your yard and garden from the kiss of winter. Read More.

Why Is It Customary To Eat Turkey on Thanksgiving?. Why this fine feathered bird in particular? Read More.

Have an unforgettable November, and as always, Welcome Home!


Karen Lewis

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